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MT4 Infinity TrendLine PRO


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The MQL5 Metatrader Market product is available upon purchase of the VPS server: Package #6

Infinity TrendLine PRO


TrendLine PRO indicator is based on the analysis of the strength of bulls and bears.
It shows the highlighted trend line (blue is bulls and red is bears), the entry point and the calculated TakeProfit and StopLoss levels. You can manage levels and other settings which makes the TrendLine PRO a universal tool for any strategy

TrendLine PRO never repaint and does not change the levels!!!
The dashboard panel displays the current signal (BUY or SELL), the Success Rate value, and the overall result of the transactions. The built-in Scanner is launched by pressing the " PRO " button and displays all available timeframes for each pair, incoming signals and the Success Rate value. By clicking on any timeframe, you can switch to a new chart. The indicator is very simple and intuitive even for a beginner. You can trade any symbols that available to your broker: FX pairs, indices, metals, CFDs or crypto.



General settings:
  • new "Calculation type" parameter that changes the way the indicator data is calculated and affects the result of trades
  • Amplitude -is the main parameter, which determines the duration of the local trend and the frequency of the appearance of a new TrendLine indicator signal. It works best in the range from 5 to 12.
  • Range Bars Number (RBN) -is the number of bars defining the range to calculate TakeProfit and StopLoss levels. The smaller the range of bars, the closer the levels are to the opening price.
  • TP1, TP2, TP3 (target level) -are three levels to fix the profit. The higher the level, the lower is the possibility of achieving it. It is calculated as the ratio to ExtremeRange.
  • Calculation Period (bars) -is the range of bar history on which the indicator is drawn and virtual trades are calculated, the probability of success of each TP level and the ratio of Win/Loss trades. RESULT- calculation of trading results by entry / exit points: reaching TP (1,2,3), SL level or a local trend reversal point.
  • Shift StopLoss level -is the number of points to offset the SL level beyond the Range Bars Number (RBN). If =0, the SL level is set at the edge of the Range Bars Number (RBN).
  • Higher Timeframe Filter (HTF) -is an important parameter that has no equivalents at competitors. In fact, this is another indicator that calculates the trend in the older period (optional). If the current trend (for example, H1) and the older trend (for example, D1) coincide, you get an additional guarantee of the indicator's strength.
  • Time filter- is used to exclude new signals in the range of the 24 hour period. If a new signal falls within a selected range, it is rejected during calculations and notification.
  • Scanner PRO SETTINGS -is a pop-up panel when pressing the "PRO" button on the main indicator panel. It serves to display the current trend on additional pairs (can be changed). The orange frame has timeframes with a Super Signal, enhanced by the coincidence of the trend with the older periods. The scanner operation may slow down the indicator calculation. Make sure that historical data is available for the pairs selected in the scanner and that the connection to the broker is secure.
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The MQL5 Metatrader Market product is available upon purchase of the VPS server: Package #6
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