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MT5 SmartWork


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The MQL5 Metatrader Market product is available upon purchase of the VPS server: Package #2, Package #3, Package #4, Package #5, Package #6

SmartWork MT5


The automated trading system determines the direction of the trend in accordance with the author's algorithm for determining wave movements. The EA processes each trend movement with a grid of market transactions in the direction of the trend.

To minimize drawdown, the trading robot uses opposite buy and sell-grids of deals. This method allows you to compensate for the floating loss from trades in the previous trend.

The author's system for enabling trailing stop is an additional part of the system, which allows you to minimize possible risks.

Distance between orders parameter for:
EURUSD - 300;
GBPUSD - 500.

Main trading instrument - EURUSD 5m.
The minimum deposit is $ 1000. A 5-digit stream of quotes is recommended.



Manual lot - true, Autolot - false - select a trading lot - manual or automatic money management;
Manual lot - Manual lot, if Autolot = false;
Max Risk of Autolot - Risk for money management;
Take Profit - Take profit;
Distance between orders - Minimum distance between positions;
Start Trailing (only if> 0) - Points to enable trailing stop;
Size Trailing - Start trailing stop;
Trailing Step - Trailing stop step;
Method by trend or against trend - Select the method of work - along the trend or against the trend;
Step of SAR - Step of the SAR indicator;
Max Step of SAR - The maximum step size of the SAR indicator;
Max Orders - The maximum number of deals in one direction;
Show text? - Show information on the chart
Text size - Text size;
Text color - Text text;
Orders comment - Comments to deals;
Magic Buy - Magic to buy deals;
Magic Sell - Magic to sell deals.
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